13 October 2010

Owen Hargreaves all set to return this Saturday against West Brom

Hargreaves is back and WILL feature against West Brom!!
All eyes on Saturday as Premier League action is back this weekend after a week off thanks to the international break that halted things. Now we're back to the REAL football!!

Manchester United take on West Brom Albion this Saturday and here is the intereasting bit: Owen Hargreaves will feature against West Brom on Saturday!

This news might have come a bit like a surprise to you considering Owen has been out for 2 years but it would not surprise Hargreaves' personal surgeon and knee specialist - Dr. Richard Steadman who has spoken of Owen in admiration - "I've a lot of admiration for the way Owen has responded - he's worked very hard and has never given up. Things are looking good for the 31 year old midfielder."

Owen suddenly shocked Sir Alex and other management team members by arriving at the Carrington training ground claiming he's fit! One would think Owen is bull-shitting but the fact is. he is ready and kicking!

With Owen's arrival, people like Anderson and Carrick are all set to be deported to minor clubs - for they are not required in United's midfield. It would be interesting to know if Owen hargreaves starts against West Brom in the starting XI but he would certainly play - that's for sure.

Owen Hargreaves' last appearance came in May, 2010 when he featured in the win over Sunderland with Hargreaves not even touching the ball through his feet once but only contributed to United's possesion through a header!

It's been about time we saw some creativity in the midfield.. It's about time Owen came to the pitch roaring about and scoring fantastic goals. It's about time!

C'mon Owen Hargreaves, hoping you have a safe and steady return to domestic football and may God give you strength and power to carry on the form at an international level by representing England - for they need good midfielders like yourself.

Here's Owen's best goal ever through a free-kick. HAD TO BE ARSENAL:
Owen Hargreaves vs Arsenal

Here's the Television view of the awesome goal

Have fun!
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